Ceremony to honor Sullivan Campaign soldiers

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Monroe County Post
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A ceremony and education talk will center around the Revolutionary War soldiers killed in the Boyd-Parker Ambush of September 1779 at 2 p.m. May 29 in Mount Hope Cemetery. 

Local members of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Sons of the American Revolution and Children of the American Revolution will gather in Section BB off of Grove Road to present the history of the ill-fated Sullivan’s Campaign, and the ambush of 17 Continental scouts who were captured and killed by Seneca Indians. 

Costumed participants will share the soldiers’ posthumous journey from battlefield burial to unmarked graves on public land and eventually their Mount Hope memorial through the efforts of the DAR and SAR. 

“It’s a tragic story,” said Catherine Blind, regent of the Irondequoit DAR Chapter. “A scouting party was sent to locate and destroy a village of the Senecas. Unfortunately, they failed to heed the warnings of a [Native American] guide who was helping them and walked into a trap with devastating consequences. 

“The soldiers didn’t get their recognition and closure for 124 more years. A member of the DAR conclusively proved the identity of the bones in 1903, which led to the reinterment at Mount Hope shortly thereafter. These patriots were nearly forgotten once. It’s worth retelling the history to make sure that doesn’t happen again and, of course, it’s terrific for people to learn of the Rochester area’s exciting contributions to the war for American independence.”