Monroe County youth create container gardens

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Participants play a trivia game during the Garden in a Bucket Workshop offered by Monroe County 4-H.

Local youth recently discussed gardens and plant care during the virtual Garden in a Bucket Workshop offered by Monroe County 4-H.

Participants created container gardens in fabric pots for herbs or flowers. Herb gardeners filled their pots with basil and parsley; flower gardeners made an arrangement of pink geraniums surrounded by orange marigolds.

4-H educators Jessica Reid and Lori Koenick led the workshop. They prepped garden kits that were distributed to each participant who signed up. Garden kits contained a fabric pot, potting soil, craft sticks, fabric marker and plants in a green 5-gallon bucket.

Nine families participated in the virtual workshop, setting up planting stations around their homes in garages, basements and kitchens. Reid and Koenick led a plant trivia game before the planting to facilitate a discussion on general plant needs and care.

Reid demonstrated how to plant a flower garden while participants followed along and created their own gardens. Reid showed how to remove plants from containers for transplanting.

Participants filled their pots with soil using shovels, 4-H cups and their own hands. They made sure to firm down their soil as they planted to provide plant support and fully fill their pots with soil.

After everyone planted their gardens, there was general discussion on how to take care of them. For the herb gardeners, they will strive to harvest plants frequently to prevent flowering, and maintain herb taste and plant “bushiness.” Flower gardeners learned how to pick off dead flowers to stimulate their plants to produce more flowers.

Participants also learned about the benefits of planting in fabric pots and the need to check garden soil frequently in warmer months to see if it needs water.

Monroe County 4-H helps workshop participants plant a container garden over Zoom.