Eastridge HS holds socially distant graduations

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Brianna Graham embraces her father after graduating from Eastridge High School.

Eastridge High School normally holds its graduation at the Eastman Theatre in downtown Rochester. For the Class of 2020, this year was anything but normal.

Instead of the ornate chandelier and gilded marble staircases, the event took place in the EHS Auditorium. Instead of hundreds of people watching the graduates cross the stage, there were no more than 25 friends and family members.

Each group was brought in at six-minute intervals to make sure there was adequate separation among everyone. One door to the auditorium was the entrance, the other the exit.

Each student waited at the back of the auditorium until “Pomp and Circumstance” played. Then, they walked toward the stage. Principal Tim Heaphy waited for each student and announced they had met the requirements for graduation.

Students took their diploma off the table and walked across the stage to have their picture taken, but not before moving the tassel on their cap from the right side to the left, signifying they had officially graduated.

Gerald Porretta celebrates after receiving his diploma from Eastridge High School.