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iV4 develops web-based health screening for schools

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iV4, an IT consulting and services provider headquartered in Fairport, is helping local school districts prepare for a “new normal” when/if granted approval to reopen by the state this fall.

iV4 developed a web-based health tool to screen students, faculty and visitors daily at all schools across a district as one of the many variables used to keep them safe during — and beyond — the pandemic. The goal is to keep anyone who isn’t feeling well from coming to school and infecting others, all monitored and tracked digitally through a web-based application.

Most recently, iV4 worked with Our Lady of Mercy to ensure the tool is ready for use when schools are allowed to reopen, depending on state guidance in early August.

“We have the data and real-time intelligence to help our schools reopen, bring students and faculty back, and, most importantly, keep them healthy,” said Murray Foxcroft, chief technology officer of iV4. “Using this application, schools will track every person who walks up to their front door and any person experiencing any symptoms noted in the tool will not be allowed in.

“Also, our team will help school leaders analyze and track the data provided so we can see patterns and trends. We’ll have smart reporting that shows us who has had symptoms and identify clusters within classes or groups, and we can understand how many people are reporting symptoms each day and analyze these trends over time.

“There is a real value for schools to invest in this technology. It supports the health of our schools, the data will help our local health departments and it’s another step to helping our schools reopen with faculty and student health of utmost priority.”

Using a QR code, URL or shortcut, users access the tool with their school-provided email address or guest login to capture their assessment before entering the school. It initiates a self-assessment survey that asks users to confirm they are not experiencing any COVID symptoms. If a user responds no, a green check mark appears that is used as verification for entering the school. If a user responds yes, a message appears instructing them not to come to school and lists the appropriate people to notify.

The screening tool provides faculty and staff members with a tracking mechanism, including students and faculty who are not confirming symptoms, trends of symptoms that may impact re-entry plans, and students and faculty who may have been exposed.

iV4’s application development team used an open-source employee chatbot project created by the University of Rochester Health Lab as a starting point.

“This is not limited to schools,” Foxcroft said. “Schools are one part of reopening our communities. As businesses continue to reopen, as hospitals allow more visitors and financial institutions open more branches — the list goes on and on — this is a tool that can help organizations big and small keep their team and communities healthy. That’s something we all want and there should be no debate around health.”

iV4 welcomes meetings to discuss how this health screening application can benefit businesses across the region and country. Call (585) 598-3300 for information.