Artists to showcase work for ‘heart, mind, spirit’

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Jacob Brown exhibits paintings and illustrations at the Cobblestone Arts Center in Farmington.

The Cobblestone Gallery, 1622 state Route 332, Farmington, will highlight work by local artist Lynne Feldman and her students, alongside teaching artist Jacob Brown, on Aug. 27-Oct. 4.

An opening reception will run from 5 to 7 p.m. on Sept. 3. Attendees will view the indoor artwork in groups of 10 or less while enjoying wine and hors d’oeuvres. Masks are required.

“Painting with Fabric” involves gluing different fabrics onto canvas and acrylic brushwork. Feldman learned about this technique during a workshop at Bennington College in Vermont, after spending 40 years in oil paints.

She said this technique offered a way to bring more color and movement into her compositions, as patterned fabric works to integrate different designs and shapes into her paintings.

“[This medium is] a nonintimidating way to create a beautiful work of art for those who are just beginning,” Feldman said. “At the same time, it can be a complex and stimulating way to work for the experienced.”

Feldman has worked with fabric and acrylic paint for 15 years, and said she is always finding new ways to incorporate the two mediums. She holds an all-day “Painting with Fabric” workshop in her studio at the Anderson Arts Building in Rochester. This exhibition showcases her own work, as well as those by some of her students.

The student and staff gallery features artist and illustrator Brown, who runs theater and drawing classes for Cobblestone’s Celebrating the Arts day program. Brown said he enjoys dabbling in all mediums, but prides himself on his paintings and illustrations. He flows between traditional and alternative styles in his work, and pulls inspiration from M.C. Escher, Frank Frazetta, Aidan Hughes and Louise Nevelson.

This exhibit was originally planned last fall before the pandemic started. In April, Feldman and many artists were faced with the same questions: How do you show art when everything is closed? How do you show art when people cannot come and see it? How do you show your art when you feel so lost and sad inside? She contacted gallery manager Kathleen Hauser and informed her that the group would be canceling.

Feldman was puzzled by Hauser’s response of surprise and disappointment, so she asked her students about their thoughts on the matter. She found most of them were open to the idea of a showing. One student said, “I think it’s important to live as ‘normally’ as possible during this time. I think It will be good for the heart, mind and spirit to do it.” It was then that Feldman was convinced to let the show go on.

“Art is important for the soul, and because we need art in our lives to feel whole,” she said.

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