Greece Special Police Department recruiting officers

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The Greece Special Police Department issues a call for recruits to serve in the voluntary organization.

The Greece Special Police Department needs peace officers to assist and augment the police in handling traffic and crowd control for special events, as well as emergency situations where additional staffing is needed.

Other assignments include park and school patrols, parking tickets, house checks and local police support. Peace officers free up local police departments to handle 911 calls and priority events. Some Special Police departments have all-terrain vehicle, snowmobile and bike units.

Area residents ages 20 and older can apply to become a state-certified peace officer in this voluntary organization. Applicants must be in good health, pass the required background checks and have a desire to serve the community. Officers serve an average of 12 hours each month. Accepted volunteers are sent to an academy to receive training. Uniforms and some gear are provided.

“I joined to get the wonderful opportunity to experience the camaraderie of working as a team, creating lasting friendships and gaining experiences that will last a lifetime,” Officer Jenna F. said. “Past all these great things, I am able to give back to my community while also building my resume and skill base that I hope to use for the rest of my life.”

Lt. John H. said, “Having the good fortune to retire from the business world in my mid 50s, that opportunity afforded me time to focus time on family and community. Although I never pursued a career in law enforcement, the profession always interested me … with the Special Police being volunteers, it gave me that opportunity to give back to the community where I have lived the majority of my adult life. Like most volunteering experience, you get out of it what you put into it.”

“I joined the Greece Special Police Department to start my career in law enforcement,” Officer Tristan T. said. “I’ve always had a ‘give back’ and ‘helping people’ drive. I also love the aspect of how we have a variety base role as we patrol our town’s parks, plazas and schools. We run a variety of details/special attentions and we assist full-time GPD officers with a variety of things to help them continue their priority calls.”

To apply, call (585) 581-6325 or send a letter of interest to Greece Special Police Department, Attn: Recruitment, 647 Long Pond Road, Rochester, New York, 14612. Visit for information.

The local Special Police agencies in Monroe County are Gates, Greece, Ogden, Parma/Hilton and Webster.

Peace officers work a traffic detail in Greece.