RMSC Curiosity Club to help with remote learning

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The first day of school may look a little different for students this year, but the Rochester Museum & Science Center will help young learners transition to a hybrid schooling model through a new educational program.

Curiosity Club will provide students with a safe, supportive and structured environment where kids can attend their virtual school, complete homework, learn and play. Available for students in grades 1-8, Curiosity Club sessions will start Sept. 14 and run daily, Monday-Friday, through Dec. 18.

RMSC staff hope Curiosity Club will help local families adjust to their new normal as schools move to a hybrid learning model and parents return to regular work schedules. Scholarship opportunities are available.

“I’m thrilled that RMSC is able to take the resources that we have and match them to the needs of local families with this project,” said Hillary Olson, president and CEO of RMSC. “We have a fantastic education team who are excited to lead this new program, helping kids learn in their virtual school programs while their parents are at work and engaging them in the wonders of the museum. Our 2020 Summer Day program was successful, safe and fun, and I’m happy to bring that newfound expertise into this school year.”

Students will have access to structured learning, homework help, hands-on STEAM activities and exploration time in the galleries, exhibits and outdoor play areas.

“Curiosity Club will not only provide a safe and supportive environment for remote learning, it will give students access to the amazing variety of exhibits, collections and resources we have at the RMSC,” said Allison Shultes, education director. “This program will turn what is a uniquely challenging time for students and their families into an opportunity where curiosity is sparked and students become explorers and problem-solvers, continuing to build on the curriculum and critical-thinking skills they learn at school.”

Visit rmsc.org for information.