Exhibits celebrating Flower City artists-in-residence

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Ceramic artists Zara Davis and Karlene Kantner explore themes of joy, pain and new beginnings in "Momento Gaudium: Signa Vitae."

The Flower City Arts Center invites the community to view work by artists-in-residence Zara Davis, Karlene Kantner and Fernando Muller from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sept. 12.

“Momento Gaudium: Signa Vitae” is a three-day exhibition by ceramic artists Davis and Kantner. Translated to “Remember Joy: Signs of Life,” the show will feature paintings, ceramic vessels and figurative sculptures with themes of joy, pain, strength and new beginnings. It features individual works from each artist, as well as paired pieces selected for this event.

Davis’ figurative sculpture and paintings utilize floral symbolism and mythology to connect expressions of life, death and the sublime. Kantner’s ceramic vessels and floral design welcome the audacity of joy.

“Connected” is a photography exhibition by Muller culminating his residency. It is a series of portraits of his friends and family to show the juxtaposition between a chosen and biological family, which many queer people tend to have.

Due to capacity restrictions, visitors need to sign up for a 30-minute time slot before arriving. Call (585) 244-1730, ext. 7 or visit bit.ly/3b1LHoF to register.

Photographer Fernando Muller focuses on chosen and biological families in "Connected."