RG&E completes tree trimming around Henrietta

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RG&E contractor Birchcrest Tree and Landscape prunes and removes trees and vegetation that could come into contact with power lines.

RG&E recently completed maintenance tree trimming work in the town of Henrietta to protect its systems and reduce the impact of severe weather.

Each year, the company trims approximately 1,100 miles of distribution lines. Its recent tree trimming efforts stretched throughout Henrietta, including the neighborhoods near Winton, Pinnacle, Calkins, Lehigh Station, East Henrietta, Hollybrook and Farnsworth roads.

“With the number of high wind storms more recently, it is comforting to know RG&E is getting out ahead of the potential tree falls to minimize the potential for power interruptions,” said Stephen Schultz, town supervisor. “We have also received positive comments regarding their safe use of flaggers and traffic control to ensure motorists are kept safe during the trimming process.”

RG&E’s vegetation management program maintains a five-year trim cycle, pruning or removing trees and vegetation that could come into contact with its power lines. The company’s recent work in Henrietta focused on roadside and backyard maintenance tree trimming, with the majority of work taking place in backyards.

“Trees, branches and foliage are a leading cause of power interruptions,” said Kevin Fagan, lead analyst, vegetation management. “When damaged or broken during storms, this vegetation can take down power lines or poles and cause outages. For this reason, RG&E invests significant resources to proactively conduct tree trimming throughout our service area.

“We’re grateful to our customers for their patience as we addressed circuits in their lots. This is challenging and time-consuming work that requires skilled tree climbing professionals to use and rig ropes to safely remove limbs. The result will be improved reliability for our customers.”

In addition to routine maintenance tree trimming, RG&E crews patrol the region for hazard trees to evaluate and pursue full tree removals. Visit rge.com for information on the company’s vegetation management program.

Birchcrest Tree and Landscape prepares to complete tree work in Henrietta.