Community Wishbook

Monroe County Post

Messenger Post Media prints this column to keep readers informed of "wishes" submitted by local charities. Here are two agencies listed in this year’s Community Wishbook.

Girls on the Run of Greater Rochester

2132 Five Mile Line Road, Suite D

Penfield, New York, 14526

Phone: 585-662-5980

Contact: Kelly Fisher



Purpose: A youth development program for girls in grades 3-8. Program culminates with the girls being physically and emotionally prepared to complete a 5K running event. The goal of the program is to unleash confidence through accomplishment while establishing a lifetime appreciation of health and fitness.

Wish List

• Band-Aids

• Colored markers

• Instant cold compresses

• Masks, disposable

• Pipe cleaners

• Pony beads

• Poster board

• Sanitizing wipes

• Stickers (large quantity rolls or booklets)

Volunteers Needed

• Coaches to run new Girls on the Run sites.

Please visit our website for specific information about volunteer duties.

Children's Institute

274 N. Goodman St., Suite D103

Rochester, New York, 14607

Phone: 585-295-1000, ext. 237

Contact: Cindy Harper



Purpose: Improves children’s chances for success in school and in life, and helps to build healthy families and communities. Develops and promotes effective prevention and early intervention programs, materials and best practices for children, families, schools and communities.

Wish List

• Blocks (wooden or foam), Legos, Lincoln Logs, Bristle Blocks, nesting objects

• Construction paper, markers, crayons, foam shapes, etc.

• Doll families (with sensitivity to different ethnicities)

• Doll house, wooden (gender neutral)

• Puppets (animals and human)

• Kitchen center, neutral (plain wood, not gender specific)

• Matchbox cars and trucks (all sizes)

• Play kitchen accessories

• Play-Doh, clay, moon sand

• Sand tray and/or sand table

• Items to use in a sand table: e.g. pails, funnel, sieve, large spoon, etc.

• Tubes of animals, insects, etc.

• Stickers for ages 3-5

Please contact the charities directly if you can help. Visit for other local charities.

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