‘Mighty Monday’ workshop unites youth online, in-person


Monroe County youth welcomed spring this year with the “Mighty Monday: Spring into Gardening” workshop. 

With comfort levels varying and group size still a concern, the 4-H team brainstormed ways to ensure all youth had access to the event. Half of the participants “Zoomed” into the Wegman Lodge at Seneca Park as the other half joined in-person. 

Monroe County 4-H organizes a spring workshop open to area youth online and in-person.

All youth received kits that included materials needed to complete three activities. Those attending in-person received their kits that night, while viewers on Zoom picked theirs up at the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Monroe County before the event. 

To help youth feel engaged and included in the workshop, they introduced themselves and shared their favorite plant to grow in the garden. Those on Zoom were supported by a 4-H volunteer who managed the chat and communicated any needs to the in-person team. 

Youth learned about insects, vegetables and how the two interact in the garden with a game of garden bingo. They brainstormed what plants need to survive and how similar those needs are to the needs of humans. 

Participants then dissected a seed and created a seed germination necklace, where they will be able to observe their own seeds start to sprout. The final activity of the evening was creating a “plant person” using grass seed, soil and a recycled can.