Town logo contest underway in Greece

Messenger Post Media
Monroe County Post

Supervisor Bill Reilich invites Greece residents to submit original renderings for the official logo that will be used to celebrate the town’s 200th birthday on March 22, 2022.

Originally called Northampton, the town was named after the country of Greece, which was fighting a war of independence from Turkish rule. Planning for this bicentennial celebration is underway.

Greece residents and businesses are encouraged to submit their logo ideas. The winning logo will be used on all official literature, documentation and social media relating to the town’s plan to celebrate this event. 

“We are anxious to engage our community in this historic milestone,” Reilich said. “We have so many events that will delight our community as we gather together to celebrate what makes our town so unique.

“Greece residents wishing to submit their logo idea can email their design to Entries will be accepted until March 25, at which time a selection will be made and the logo revealed to the community. I encourage you all to get your creative juices flowing and participate in this unique opportunity.”

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