Greece seeking input on police reform draft

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Monroe County Post

The town of Greece recently released its required draft police reform and reinvention plan in accordance with Gov. Cuomo’s Executive Order 203. 

The draft plan is available for download and community member comment at A final plan will be adopted by the Town Board before April 1.

Municipalities across the state are required to prepare a plan in response to the Police Reform and Reinvention Collaborative. Plans are created with the police department and public, adopted by the legislatures of each municipality and submitted to the state for review and approval.

Greece is issuing another survey to seek further community input and feedback on the police accountability plan. The town will treat this plan as a living document open for continuous feedback from residents, even after the final submission. Visit to access the survey. 

The draft document provides answers to specific questions posed by the state, and lays out initiatives and actions to continue progress and improvement on police reform and police-community relations. It covers transparency and accountability, community engagement, policies and procedures, and police training and wellness.

Comments can be emailed to Deputy Chief Jason Helfer at

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