Greece Historical Society to commemorate town’s early pioneers


To celebrate the town’s bicentennial in 2022, the Greece Historical Society plans to honor the pioneer families who settled in Greece and have called it home for generations. 

GHS plans to publish a series of books with stories written by descendants of the pioneer families who settled here during the first 50 years (1822-72). 

This bicentennial project will be published in November. The deadline for submissions is July 31. Subsequent volumes may be added and published to include as many families as can be documented. 

The publication will include biographical stories and photos featuring not only the more familiar families, but those who are less well known or never were featured in past publications. Each family vignette will feature a photo and story highlighting their contributions to town history. 

The DeConinck family.

The town’s story also includes early Charlotte, which was incorporated as a village in the town of Greece in 1869. Greece was part of the town of Gates, which was in Northampton, which in 1820 had 420 households. By 1870, the number of residents increased to 4,314 individuals.  

The GHS website ( includes a questionnaire and family pedigree chart needed for each submission. A map from 1872 can be used as a point of reference of landowners. Submissions can include newspaper clippings, diaries, Bible pages and other family memorabilia. GHS members are available to help write family stories.  

Email for information, with “Pioneer Families” in the subject line.