Hunting, fishing licenses available by appointment

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The Greece Town Clerk’s Department will continue with the scheduling of appointments for customers seeking their hunting and/or fishing licenses.  

Walk-ins are accepted; however, appointments are recommended as heavy volumes involving other town services will increase within the next couple months. Call 585-723-2389 or 585-723-2364 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. to make an appointment. For information, call 585-723-2341. 

“It is truly about personalized service and the prescheduling of appointments allows for the elimination of wait times by customers seeking their hunting and fishing licenses,” Supervisor Bill Reilich. “The town’s designated agent is free to provide this service immediately and, more importantly, uninterrupted. Since this type of transaction takes several minutes to process, the customer will be able to work directly with the agent on decisions affecting their future sporting experience without incident.”