Greece seeking photos for 2022 commemorative calendar

Stock photo.

Greece residents are invited to submit photographs for a commemorative calendar marking the town’s 200-year anniversary in 2022.  

Submitted photographs must be taken no later than 1989 and within the geographical boundaries of Greece. Submitters must own the photograph and have the rights to publish it. Photos need to be in landscape orientation and of high resolution suitable for printing. 

Subjects can include historical figures, prominent local families, buildings that no longer exist, community events, schools, sporting events, local businesses, churches and landmarks. Visit for examples of historic photos. 

Images will be accepted through Oct. 30. Photos can be submitted at or scanned by appointment at the Office of the Town Historian. 

“We are so excited to begin creating a calendar in celebration of our great town’s 200th birthday,” Supervisor Bill Reilich said. “We need your help finding the best historical photographs that depict the long and rich history of the town of Greece. Follow the guidelines above to submit any photographs you may have. They may be selected to be featured in the calendar!” 

The town also needs ideas for items to be included in the 200th anniversary time capsule. Residents can send their ideas to Keith Suhr, town historian. Email for information.