St. Ann’s reopens Adult Day Program at Durand


Staff and participants of St. Ann’s Adult Day Program at Durand Senior Apartments gathered to commemorate the recent reopening of in-person programming after 14 months of state-mandated COVID closure. 

A cone flower garden at Durand Senior Apartments is “Dedicated to Beautiful New Beginnings in 2021.”

Participants shared stories on how this reopening impacted their lives. Gathering in-person keeps participants like Jay Mason physically and mentally active. 

“I get to make beaded jewelry and socialize with other people instead of staying home and vegetating,” Mason said. “Being here with others makes me feel better. It helps battle any feelings of depression.”  

St. Ann’s Adult Day Program staff members and participants celebrate the reopening of in-person programming by planting a garden at Durand Senior Apartments in Irondequoit.

“Other than activity packets, I really didn’t do anything during the COVID-19 shutdown,” said Penny, another participant in the Adult Day program. “I felt lonely and isolated. I will be forever thankful for the support and friends I have here.” 

Staff members helped facilitate the planting of a cone flower garden, which is dedicated to new beginnings in 2021.  

“The garden will be symbolic of the obstacles we overcame last year, the beauty of 2021 and the togetherness that it brings,” director Rola O’Meally said. “It’s such a pleasure to be back, serving the most important people on earth.” 

Staff members and participants raise a glass in celebration of in-person programming reopening at St. Ann’s Adult Day Program at Durand Senior Apartments.

The program provides a safe, supervised social environment for older adults and people with disabilities. It currently has 59 participants between medical and social programs, with several spots available for older adults that are interested. COVID-19 protocols are in place, including masks, daily screenings, sanitizing and a COVID test upon admission. 

Call 585-697-6000 or visit for information.