Constellation NewEnergy named Penfield’s CCA energy supplier

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The town of Penfield and its community choice aggregation program administrator, Good Energy, recently completed the supplier building process.  

The Town Board authorized Supervisor Tony LaFountain to enter into a 24-month aggregation program agreement with Constellation NewEnergy Inc. to provide eligible residents with an electricity product that is 50% green at the price of 5.733 cents per kilowatt-hour.  

The goal is to provide customers with a cleaner energy product at a cost that is less than or equal to the going rate of traditional suppliers of base-mix electricity. In this case, the negotiated fixed rate from Constellation NewEnergy is equal to the three-month trailing price of 5.76 cents/kWh from RG&E.  

Residents can opt up to a 100% green product at a fixed rate of 6.443 cents/kWh. This would cost a household $85 more per year compared to the 50% green option. Residents can opt out of the CCA program at no cost.  

Good Energy will launch a public outreach program in the coming weeks through a dedicated website, telephone hotline and direct mail. Public information sessions will address who is considered eligible; how to opt out, opt up or opt in; and other related topics.  

“I believe this is a win/win program moving forward to help manage electric costs in the long term by providing residents with a minimum 50% green power option and an opportunity to opt up to a 100% green choice for a small additional cost,” LaFountain said. “With everything that’s going on in the U.S. and across the world — the hottest July on record, wildfires, significant storms and flooding, world conflicts and COVID-19 — energy prices are projected to increase. Our goal is to provide residents with price stability and a component of green energy. This agreement also gives residents an option to increase their green energy component to 100%. Additionally, residents may opt out altogether if they want to keep their current supplier and manage their own electric needs.” 

The electricity supply program will start in early December and run for two years. RG&E remains the electricity distributor; it still owns and operates the transmission lines, responds to outages and emergencies, and bills as normal for delivery of those services. Visit for information.