RG&E completes circuit upgrades in Webster

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Monroe County Post

RG&E recently completed circuit upgrades in Webster on Hatch Road, Ridge Road and Five Mile Line Road on its 5240 circuit, which delivers power to homes and businesses.  

The project will bring enhanced reliability to 2,511 customers. It is part of the company’s resiliency program, which proactively hardens the systems to continue providing safe and reliable service.

The primary goal of the project was to make the grid more reliable and decrease the number of customers impacted by outage-causing incidents. This was achieved by upgrading more than a mile of power lines to create a connection to adjacent circuits. This provides RG&E with an alternative power source to allow for quicker restoration times for customers when outages do occur. 

The project also upgraded equipment on the circuit by installing six SCADA switches, which gives RG&E more information in real-time about why outages are occurring and enables an efficient and effective response.

“This Webster circuit was identified for upgrades because it was experiencing more outages than was typical for the average circuit,” said Andy Gumkowski, manager of resiliency field projects. “These improvements will not only help provide more reliable service now and in the future, but also shorten outage duration if an incident occurs.”

The 5240 circuit project in Webster started in early September. The company is working on similar upgrades on Klem Road that are expected to be completed by the end of the year, and recently completed resiliency upgrades in Greece on Latta Road, Island Cottage Road and Mount Read Boulevard on its 5255 circuit.

RG&E completes circuit upgrades on Hatch Road, Ridge Road and Five Mile Line Road in Webster.