Rabies immunization clinic scheduled in Perinton

Messenger Post Media

The town of Perinton, in partnership with Monroe County and Fairport Animal Hospital, will hold a free rabies immunization clinic from 9 a.m. to noon on Sept. 26 at the Perinton Department of Public Works, 100 Cobb’s Lane, Fairport.

“Please take advantage of this free rabies immunization clinic to help protect your pet,” Supervisor Ciaran Hanna said. “Keeping your furry friends up-to-date will help prevent them from acquiring the deadly virus from wildlife. Special thanks to our partner Fairport Animal Hospital for administering these life-saving vaccinations.”

Dogs and cats can be immunized, but must be at least 3 months old. Call (585) 223-5115 to book an appointment.

Participants are asked to stay in their vehicle until asked to exit with their animal. Dogs must be leashed and cats need to be in a sturdy pet carrier. Bring a copy of prior rabies records to receive a three-year vaccination. Without records, a one-year initial vaccination will be provided.

Rabies is a viral infection that is fatal once symptoms develop. Although the disease is most often transmitted by a bite, it can be spread if saliva from a rabid animal comes in contact with an open wound on the body, or the mouth, nose or eyes.

Health officials recommend pet vaccination, as it provides a barrier to prevent the transmission of rabies from a pet that has come in contact with a rabid animal to a person that subsequently touches them.

Town Clerk Jennifer West will attend the clinic to help Perinton and Fairport dog-owners obtain a dog license.

“All dog-owners in the town of Perinton and village of Fairport are required by law to obtain a dog license from the Town Clerk’s Office,” West said. “By licensing your dog with the town, we are able to help identify and protect your dog if it becomes lost. Licensing helps shelters detect lost pets and helps our Animal Control Office reunite families with their pet when a dog is found.”

State law requires every dog older than 4 months of age to be licensed annually by the local municipality in which they reside. Once a dog is licensed, the Town Clerk’s Office will mail renewal notices each year, which can be completed online.

Licenses cost $20 for dogs that are not neutered or spayed, or $10 for spayed and neutered dogs. There is a $5 discount for owners ages 65 and older. Payment is accepted in the form of cash, check or credit card, with a $1.75 service fee. Make checks payable to the town of Perinton.

Call (585) 223-0770 or visit perinton.org for information.