Terry Daniele launches County Legislature campaign

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Monroe County Post

Terry Daniele formally started her campaign to serve on the Monroe County Legislature for the 5th District, which consists of Mendon, Rush, and portions of Henrietta and Pittsford.

Daniele is an executive committee member for an annual scholarship given in honor of social justice to two graduating students from Honeoye Falls. She is a member of the Mendon Democrats and was involved in campaigns for other Democratic candidates. 

“It is imperative we work together as a Legislature to move Monroe County forward to address the issues we face here,” she said. “Social justice, education, clean energy, supporting small businesses, affordable housing and keeping our young adults here are all issues I want to address. My hope is to work with County Executive Adam Bello and the Legislature to make county government work for all of us.” 

Daniele, of Mendon, has a private practice as an American Sign Language interpreter. She writes a monthly article regarding women in politics for Rochester Women’s Magazine and worked for BOCES-2 in a supervisory capacity. 

“I first met Terry when she reached out to me to start writing a column for Rochester Woman Online magazine that would have a political twist to it,” publisher Kelly Breuer said. “That was almost two years ago now and she has done an incredible job with not only the column, but highlighting incredible people within the community. 

“Especially now, during a global pandemic with tensions high, we need a leader to guide us through. I believe whole-heartedly that Terry is that person. She is a woman of great character with a record of inspiring leadership and love for her community that speaks for itself.”

The 5th Legislative District is currently held by Legislator Karla Boyce, who will hit her term limit of 10 years for the second time in this position. There is no declared Republican candidate against Daniele.

“Through hard work and determination, Terry has overcome the challenges of poverty in her childhood and has gained much success in her life,” said Jeannette Aikens, owner of Kenrick Corp. “A career of being a business owner and then a sign language interpreter to support the deaf community are career paths where she has used her talents to serve and support the needs of others in our community. 

“The resilience that Terry has gained from her life experience, coupled with her passion to improve the lives of others, will be beneficial in the position of county legislator. Terry will listen to your needs and make a difference.”

Terry Daniele.