State funding secured for local projects


The 2021-22 state budget includes funding for three local projects and increased education aid for area school districts. 

“Following a difficult and costly year, the residents of Monroe County need and deserve all the help they can get to recover and rebuild,” said Assemblymember Jennifer Lunsford, D-135th District. “This year’s budget invests in projects that will improve our local infrastructure, help protect us against natural disasters and ensure our children receive a quality education.”

The village of Fairport received $15,000 for its Northwest Canal Bank Project on Liftbridge Lane West to enhance the street and create a destination site. Amenities would include trash, recycling receptacles, artwork, seating, lighting and bollards to stop traffic. 

The town of Penfield is using $150,000 to develop a temporary salt storage building in conjunction with a total rebuild of the facility slated for 2023, which will keep salt supplies dry for proper application and eliminate leaching of salt into the ground and groundwater. 

East Rochester’s Department of Public Works will obtain a generator and ensure that it can maintain services in a natural disaster with its $60,000 funding.

The budget provides $24.2 million in increased aid to local school districts, with every district seeing their aid increased by over 12% from the 2020-21 budget. It also includes $2.8 million in increased aid for universal pre-kindergarten. 

“This increase, as well as other changes to school funding, will provide our schools with the resources our students and families need to bounce back stronger than we were before the pandemic,” said Carmen Gumina, superintendent of the Webster Central School District. “This is good news for Webster, for our district and for our state.”

Stock photo.