From the Supervisor: Toxin-Free Lawn Challenge underway in Pittsford

Bill Smith
Bill Smith.

Did you know the 3,100 acres of land maintained by the town of Pittsford and its contractors use less chemical herbicides and pesticides each year than two — just two! — residences with average-sized yards (half an acre) that use a lawn service?

This is why, last year, I started Pittsford’s Toxin-Free Lawn Challenge.

Many residents, like me, forego chemical treatments in favor of organic lawn care. Whether you go completely organic or are seeking to minimize use of synthetic chemicals on your lawn, my Toxic-Free Team and I have compiled a list of tips that can help you cultivate a healthy lawn that’s healthy for the environment as well.

If you decide to go toxin-free, please get and display our Organic Yard lawn sign. While Town Hall remains closed due to COVID-19, you can find them outside the front door of Town Hall at 11 S. Main St., next to the door. We’ll make them available through other channels as well.

You’ll find information and tips on maintaining a good-looking lawn without chemicals on the town website — and

Many thanks to the engaged residents who worked with my staff and me to plan the Toxin-Free Challenge and make it a reality!

Bill Smith serves as supervisor for the town of Pittsford.