From the Supervisor: Collaboration yields an effective solution

Bill Smith
The town of Pittsford's East Avenue sidewalk project required significant excavation in front of St. John Fisher College and power line relocation. An outstanding collaborative effort among the town, college and RG&E ensured a safe and efficient process.

Our recent work on the East Avenue sidewalk project is an outstanding example of extensive collaboration and precise coordination.

Completing this section of the sidewalk, which will connect Pittsford Village to the town of Brighton, required carving into a substantial hill in front of St. John Fisher College. It also meant relocating an RG&E power line. No small feat in either case, and quite a challenge in combination.

The town project team worked closely with St. John Fisher staff to ensure the excavation work met both engineering and aesthetic needs. Timing and safety concerns were both critical for the power line relocation — frequent communication and comprehensive planning with RG&E was key.

My sincere thanks to the staff teams from St. John Fisher College and RG&E; their responsiveness and commitment to collaborating with us helped ensure the success of this important town project. Many thanks as well to our town staff — they’ve worked diligently, creatively and effectively, and their efforts will have a lasting and positive impact on our community.

Construction of sidewalks in town will not end with this project. It’s a goal of my administration to add more sidewalks in Pittsford. They help keep us safe and connected. I’m pleased at how far we’ve come in this endeavor so far, both in terms of the number of sidewalks we’ve installed and in our increased skill and ability to construct them efficiently and cost-effectively.

Bill Smith is supervisor for the town of Pittsford. Reach him with comments at or (585) 248-6220.