LETTER: Perinton apartment complex risks community character

Steve Harr

I am writing to inform the residents of Perinton of the attempt of corporate intrusion into our residential zoning areas by Aristo Builders. They have asked the town board to allow them to tear down a historic home at 638 Jefferson Ave. and to change the zoning from residential B to apartment. Not satisfied with putting 16 residences on a small lot smack dab in the middle of residential housing they also asked for a variance to allow three floors instead of the two allowed in any type of zoning in the town. In my opinion this will signal the beginning of the end of this unique area of moderately priced middle class starter homes  to be replaced by "luxury apartments" as every time a home goes up for sale on this street and others like it (Kreag Road, Baird Road, Ayrault Road, Hogan Road, Mason Road, Moseley Road, Whitney Road and many, many others). The access to Perinton will soon be totally gentrified excluding young families, blue collar workers, minorities and older people on limited incomes who will not have housing they can afford to own, separating them from the chance to purchase and delegating them to live in rented apartments if they want to be a part of this community.

At a time when diversification and inclusion is something  that other communities are striving for, this proposal would take us backwards. We all have seen already how single family homes have been wedged into every small parcel of land that has been separated from the existing homes. Now we are being asked to stand by while they crowd us past the point of saturation into a situation that is contrary to the whole point of having codes in the first place. We all get to wonder if our neighbor's home will be next as home after home is bought, torn down and replaced with high volume apartments with third floors, huge parking lots and excessive overcrowding. Now is the time to contact the Perinton Town Board and let them know this is not acceptable before the gate is forced open to the ruining of what makes this town a great community. Please send your comments to jwest@perinton.org  and request they be read at the Town Board meeting scheduled for October 14, 2020. Let's send a clear message that the zones are there to protect the property owners from allowing our property values drop so outsiders can profit.