Rochester Rhinos rebrands as Rochester New York FC


With guidance from professional soccer player and club co-owner Jamie Vardy, the Rochester Rhinos announced a rebrand to Rochester New York FC, to be known as RNY FC.  

Vardy, a Premier League champion, FA Cup winner and Golden Boot holder currently playing for the Leicester City FC, bought a minority stake in RNY FC earlier this year with plans to bring the club out of a four-year hiatus from play. 

The RNY FC rebrand and slogan “Believe Impossible” recognizes the legacy and spirit of the Rochester Rhinos, including the club’s 1999 U.S. Open Cup championship, while looking forward to a new era of professional soccer in Rochester.  

“I’ve been written off so many times in my career, nearly as many times as the Rochester Rhinos," Vardy said. “The rebrand and slogan ‘Believe Impossible’ is what we are all about. We believe we can win trophies again and prove people wrong. This is what inspires me on and off the pitch. When we get knockbacks, we come back stronger. We will never forget the legacy of the Rhinos and the great things the team did, but now it’s time to build on that and look forward as Rochester New York FC.” 

The Rochester Rhinos is now Rochester New York FC, with Leicester City FC player Jamie Vardy as co-owner.

The visual identity of RNY FC is centered around a new club crest, taking inspiration from the High Falls waterfall in the heart of Rochester. The High Falls area was the site of the city’s early industrial development, where industry was powered by the flowing water of the Genesee River. The crest pays homage to the power that continues to flow through the city. Green is the primary brand color, as it has been a constant throughout the club’s history.  

“We needed to evolve and become a modern-day football club with global appeal,” co-owner David Dworkin said. “With Jamie coming on board as a co-owner, now is the best time to do that. The Rhinos will always be part of our DNA and we will always celebrate the club’s successes. This is a new beginning and a journey that we are excited to embark upon.”  

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