Rochester Croquet Club holds American Doubles Tournament


With recent soaring temperatures, the weather added its own heat to the hotly contested games of the American Rules Doubles Tournament hosted by the Rochester Croquet Club. 

Twelve players were divided into six teams for a high-low format featuring three, one-hour games in block play before seeding to semifinals. In the American Rules game when a player is able to hit their ball into another ball (roquet), they get two additional shots: the croquet and the continuation. In the croquet shot, the striker ball takes their ball in hand and places it next to where the object ball stopped. The two balls must touch and the object ball must visibly move on the croquet shot. The player then has one more shot, the continuation, to score a wicket or shoot their ball to another spot. By successfully hitting other balls and scoring wickets, a player can successfully run a "break" and score multiple wickets in one turn. 

The Rochester Croquet Club hosts its American Rules Doubles Tournament. Pictured on the back row, from left, are Sue Laging, Sheila McLeod, Linda Bowers, Bill Vrooman, Lee Kirk, Caroline Andrews, Sue Sherer and Joanne O'Keefe. Front: Kathy Gamlen, Joel MacDonald, Rich Laging and Peter Sherer.

With players from Lewiston as well as locally, the competition had many games being won or lost by only one point and often in last turn. Winners will receive gift card prizes at the annual fall awards dinner for the club.  

The tournament ended with Rich Laging and Joel MacDonald in first place, Peter Sherer and Joanne O’Keefe in second, and Linda Bowers and Kathy Gamlen in third.  

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