When Pat Anselm's coworkers at Greece Olympia High School found out her 80th birthday was in the summertime, they decided it was time for a surprise to help celebrate the longtime district employee.

When coworkers asked Pat Anselm to come bowling with them on Oct. 21, she couldn’t say no.  A library aide at Olympia High School, Anselm has been a bowling fan for years and continues to be an alternate on a league at age 80.

But when her name was called for winning a free drink raffle and she headed to the bar, she was greeted with a surprise from around 40 friends and coworkers — without her knowing, they threw her an 80th birthday party.

Anselm was truly surprised — especially as her birthday is in July — but she says she was touched by her friends who wanted to celebrate with her. They say she's a great addition to the staff and school culture, a bright spot in the library they all share.

Anselm has worked in the Greece Central School District for 29 years, 14 of which have been at Olympia High School.

“I was very honored, to tell you the truth, that they would do something like this” Anselm said after the fact. “I just couldn’t believe they did it.”