Seniors Anthony Rozzano and Liam Wheatley combined to propel No. 1 Webster Schroeder to the Section 5 Class AAA semifinals on Friday night against No. 8 Gates Chili.

Rozzano took a long pass from senior Danny Peckham, once in the first half and again in the second, to score both goals in the 2-0 win over the Spartans.

“I got a ball from Danny, slid in, I saw the keeper running out so left foot chipped, right over him,” Rozzano said of the first goal.

“The second goal, the ball skipped and took a big touch to the keeper. He hesitated a little bit, took a little bobble and I just dribbled it right into the goal. Got lucky.”

Rozzano is the Class AAA leader in goals scored with 20 this season.

Earlier in the second half, the Spartans took a corner kick. Warrior goalie, junior Andy Siviy, made the initial save, however the ball went to a Spartan player, who headed it towards the open net.

Wheatley was johnny-on-the-spot and headed the ball away to thwart Gates Chili’s scoring attempt and keep the Schroeder in front 1-0.

“It definitely was a big, big save,” Wheatley said. “That’s why we put the technical players on the post. I was just doing my job, and I’m happy I did.”

Asked if he had made a save like that before Wheatley said, “Not the year. Definitely a big shock, didn’t really think about it, just kind of reacted to it.”

Siviy came out and punched it.

“It went right to a Gates Chili head, came right to me, hit me right in the head,” Wheatley said.  
“One of the things that we teach the guys is to stay in the post until told otherwise,” Schroeder coach Dan Urbanski said with a laugh. “Liam did his job.”

Peckham gets honorable mention for the two over-the-top passes to set up the two goals.

"We think that this team is special," Wheatley said. "We have a lot of talent. It's senior-based, we've had the same team up since modified, and we really hope that we can go as far as our talent takes us."