Greece resident John Martorella Sr. recentely rolled a 900 series at Domm's Bowling Center, making him just the 19th individual to ever accompish the feat in a sancioned league.

When John Martorella Sr. completed his first of three games during the final week of his Thursday night bowling league back on April 12, he probably felt like he was off to a good start to the evening. He had just rolled his 13th career 300 game, an accomplishment that is quite outstanding in its own right. What he probably was not thinking about was the fact that 24 strikes later he would be added to the list of only 18 other individuals who have ever rolled a 900 series in a sanctioned league.

Martorella Sr. accomplished the feat at Domm's Bowling Center, in Greece. The 28-year old Greece resident is a co-manager of Domm's along with his brother, Frank, and father, Joe, a Rochester Boxing Hall of Fame Member who has owned it since 1971. Midway through the second game of his historic series, he felt others starting to take notice.

“About midway through the second game, a few people started watching discretely,” Martorella Sr. said. “By the end of the second game, I think everyone in the place was looking in.”

The strike in the third frame of his final game gave Martorella Sr. a new personal best for most consecutive strikes with 27. When he stepped up to the line for his final throw, after knocking down 890 pins in a row, he took a deep breath and let it fly.

“I knew it came off my hand good, and once it struck everyone just went crazy,” Martorella Sr. added. “People picked me up on their shoulders and everyone was so excited. It was even more special to be able to celebrate with my son, my dad, my sister and my brother, who were all here to share this with me.”

Martorella Sr. has been bowling at Domm's since he was “four or five” years old, and his knowledge of the lanes certainly helped him on that night. But no matter how many hours of practice he put in, he never thought he would accomplish this.

“I have been bowling my whole life,” Martorella Sr. said. “and I have done a lot of practicing. But I never expected I would be able to do this.”

Upon certification, Martorella Sr. will be the 19th person to have a sanctioned 900 series in league play, with the odds of accomplishing the feat in the billions. Glenn Allison rolled the first 900 series in sanctioned league play 1982, though it was not officially sanctioned by the American Bowling Congress due to “non-compliant” lane conditions. Many bowling experts believe Allison's 900 should be recognized because other scores in the bowling center were not unusually high that night, and his accomplishment occurred before the ear of reactive bowling balls.

Robert Mushtare is the only bowler two be credited with multiple 900 series. Mushtare, who claims to have bowled five 900 series, has had two of his 900 series come in “practice”, one of his 900 series denied by the USBC, and his other two highly questioned. His two sanctioned 900 series were shot in a pre-bowl session (sanctioned league play outside the normal league day/time), meaning few people were around to witness the events while sometimes bowling alone.